Cocoa and hot chocolate in the vending

Did You know that vending machines use of soluble cocoa” instead of “hot chocolate”?

Hot chocolate is nothing like cooked with cream or milk solid, molten chocolate. This drink is very rich and thick, so its preparation technology cannot be used in torus machine.

If you still want to enjoy the taste of this hot chocolate, then we will share with you a simple recipe:

Banana hot chocolate

Ingredients for 4 servings:

100 g chocolate,

900 ml of milk,

2 banana,

a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Bananas peel and cut into slices, chocolate break. In a saucepan, pour the milk, put the bananas and chocolate and put on a slow fire. Stirring constantly, bring almost to the boil. Once the chocolate has melted, remove from heat. Blender, whisk the mixture until the foam. Pour into glasses and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Hot chocolate with cinnamon

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Hot chocolate with chilli

Ingredients for 2 servings:

100 g of bitter chocolate

60 ml of 22% cream,

peel ½ orange,

sugar, ground chili pepper-to taste.


Melt the chocolate with the cream in a water bath. Add the zest, stir, sprinkle in the sugar and ground pepper. If You are preparing chocolate with pepper for the first time, be careful with pepper 1-2 pinches will be enough for a start.

Soluble cocoa is a beverage made from cocoa powder, which is diluted with water. In a beverage may be added toppings or dry cream. Foam is achieved by means of mixers if we are talking about a vending machine, or using a hand whisk for preparation of the beverage at home.

One of the important indicators of the quality of cocoa powder is the degree of grinding. The powder should be well ground, homogeneous, when rubbed between the fingers should not feel the grains.

Cocoa – parsec comes in two types:

1) natural cocoa powder:

It is almost insoluble in water, forming a suspension of solid particles in water, which precipitates to the bottom of from 5 to 15 minutes. That is why in order to prepare the drink is made from natural cocoa powder should be boiled in water.

Characteristics: mild aroma, light brown color, but more intense flavour

Therefore, for the production of cocoa for vending, he’s not good, because for vending machine required ingredient, is able without boiling to give a stable suspension, rich color, taste and aroma.

2) alkalized cocoa powder or prepared cocoa:

Depending on the degree of processing is low, medium and highly alkalized.

Features: characteristic aroma, dark brown to reddish-brown color, pleasant taste and mainly has less acidity, lighter dispersed in water, in comparison with natural cocoa powder

For example, a company Sutro. known manufacturer of ingredients for vending, used three methods.

Agglomerated method

Agglomeration – the accession of the particles. Under high pressure of moist air around the particles of sugar, stick the particles of powdered milk, cocoa and other essential nutrients.


The spray drying. Prepared liquid mixture of the components and under high pressure is sprayed and dried in the drying tower at a high temperature. This method can only be applied when using natural milk.

Blending technology

The usual components are mixed by stirring in a mixer.

By the way in the production of cocoa drinks often rarely used and soy lecithin, but because it contributes to the development of extraneous flavors, are special types of lecithin and its substitutes. For maximum effect, when you add the lecithin should be covered every bit of cocoa powder.

For this purpose, liquid lecithin is injected into the grinder of cocoa press cake. Or if cocoa powder has already passed the stage of grinding, the lecithin in the form of an aqueous emulsion injected into the rotary drum mixer. Cocoa powder in the mixer is in a state of turbulent air suspension, that is, in conditions that ensure maximum coverage lecithin particles of cocoa powder. Subsequently processed cocoa powder, dried

All in the finished products the ingredients listed in the section “Composition” in order of decreasing mass fraction and available to the consumer on the packaging.

For example: Satro – Instant cocoa-Premium beverage choc 08


1. Sugar

2. the whey powder

3. low-fat cocoa powder (14%),

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