Green tea benefits and bred

Green tea and its beneficial properties are known to the world since ancient times. While there was no modern medicine, it is widely used to treat many ailments. In principle, today the situation has not changed, many doctors recommend their patients to drink green tea. I think it deserves to tell about it.

The benefits and harms of green tea

The chemical composition of green tea

The composition of green tea and a variety of ingredients depends on the context in which it was grown. So just list what elements, vitamins and so a part of it.

Extractive substances (phenolic compounds, carbohydrates, purine derivatives, hydroabrasive acid, pectin, minerals, amino acids, organic acids) – 41-58%

Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, S. PP, K, U, P), nitrogen and aromatic substances, enzymes and pigments – 10-12%;

Insoluble substances (proteins, carbohydrates, pectin, lignin, resins, tannins) – 42-59%.

Treatment green tea


Green tea helps fight atherosclerosis – it is recognized as the world as a good antioxidant.

Green tea is recommended to drink for those who have high cholesterol in the blood. In addition, there were cases when green tea was delivered from cancer. It is rather the exception. But still, it is scientifically proven that those who regularly drink tea are less likely to get cancer.

Also, if you want to before you got diabetes, drink green tea. It monitors the blood sugar.

Drink from green tea leaves can cure the liver, especially from alcoholic beverages.

If you have a fever, after drinking green tea, there is every chance that it will fall.

If you have a cold. then drip the beverage from the leaves in the nose. Or proprecia their throat if it hurts.

Those who want to lose weight, I can say that green tea will help you. It cleanses the body and speeds up metabolism.

Also green tea can be consumed if you suspect that you soon will have problems with your gums or teeth. This will delay them for a long time.

If you have a vitamin deficiency and a weak immune system, drink green tea. If you burn, then apply to it the lotion soaked in green tea.

Green tea and its benefits

Gives lightness and freshness. Supports normal balance in the body. Improves health. Does not allow to form free radicals. Helps to cope with stress. Relieves tension.

Green tea and its harm

Excessive consumption of green tea can be a poison to the body, excite the nervous system, lead to loss of strength, to high pressure, headaches, nausea or dizziness. Per day is enough to drink 5-6 cups.

Can not drink green tea along with alcohol. In this case produces toxic substances that have a bad effect on the kidneys.

Will bring harm to the green tea and if you drink it on an empty stomach. It irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach, which may lead to the formation of diseases such as gastritis or ulcer. In General, experts advise to only drink green tea after meals.

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