The shortage of cocoa how to distinguish natural drink

Familiar and favorite flavored drink cocoa not enough at all. With such a forecast made by experts of the International cocoa organization.

For the second season in a row of dry weather in côte d’’ivoire and Ghana, the main suppliers of cocoa beans, causing substantial damage to the crop. Because of this, the cost of chocolate and other food products will

increase in price.

And while the analysts are just beginning to come true, Aifa take a look at how useful the cocoa beans and how they are best used.

Drink and eat

The cocoa bean contains large amounts of valuable substances (a total of about 300 different substances). The most important are: anandamide, arginine, dopamine (a neurotransmitter), epicatechin (antioxidant), histamine, magnesium, serotonin (neurotransmitter), tryptophan, phenylethylamine, a polyphenol (antioxidant), tyramine and salsolinol.

The approximate chemical composition of cacao:

fats – 54,0%

proteins – 11,5%

cellulose – 9,0%

starch and polysaccharides – 7.5% of

tanning (tannin and coloring matter – 6,0%

water – 5,0%

minerals and salts – 2,6%

organic acids and flavouring matter – 2,0%

sugars – 1,0%

caffeine – 0,2%

As we choose

But traditionally, Ukrainians are buying chocolate in stores, and not doing it yourself. But to use cocoa prefer the kind of drink that is prepared before serving. On the shelves of Ukrainian shops often can be found cacao drinks only enough to pour milk or water. And cocoa powder, which requires additional manipulation.

When choosing a cocoa drink should pay attention to the fact that its composition must necessarily enter lecithin, which prevents the formation of sludge particles from cacao or milk powder. But to expect these drinks have health benefits not worth it – instant cocoa artificially enriched with vitamins. In this drink, the sugar and skimmed milk powder more and less cocoa.

When choosing cocoa powder need to pay attention to:

Color – it needs to be only brown. If the color is different, so before you the product is of poor quality.

Structure – consistent, powdery, fine grind, but not dust, without grains. If there are lumps, so cocoa was stored incorrectly or the expiration date comes to an end.

Smell – only chocolate, without any shades.

Packaging – it must be specified fat content. Mass fraction of oil – from 12 to 20%. If less fat is tasteless confectionery cocoa powder. On the packaging must not indicate that the product added cocoa Vella. This ground husks of the beans. If you cook from this cocoa drink, cocoa Vella will precipitate, and the liquid becomes translucent.

As they drink and eat

Cocoa goes well with the biscuits, milk and dried fruits. And as the spices will fit in a small amount of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and chilli. To drink it is better in the morning because it is the drink of energy, capable of charging with vigor for a long time. Traditional beverage made from cocoa powder can cook everything: add milk or water and season everything with sugar.

Cocoa helps

To improve brain function.

To protect the heart from atherosclerosis.

To normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Promote the blood and healing of wounds.

To protect the skin from UV rays.

To restore power.

To ensure the prevention of cancer.

Greatest health benefits will bring chocolate made from unroasted cocoa or cocoa powder. This product remains after the cocoa beans oil press, virtually fat-free cocoa beans, just ground in a special mill to a fine powder.

Unfortunately, the crude product in Ukraine it is difficult to get, regular chocolate is made from refried beans. But raw sell eco-shop and specialized sites. Can be purchased separately cocoa powder from unroasted beans, add butter and homemade chocolate.

Who is not allowed to drink

Chocolate drink must not be abused, in large amounts, it affects the nervous system. For the same reason, don’t need to give cocoa children up to three years. If you suffer from migraine and insomnia, drinking cocoa, too, is to abstain. Drink because of the phenethylamine and caffeine can cause severe headaches and even vomiting. With caution you need to use cocoa to people suffering from constipation and allergies, due to the particular processing beans in the drink can be a strong allergen.

Apia offers a quick and unusual recipes from cocoa powder:

Chocolate eggnog

Two egg yolks until white with a teaspoon of sugar. To the mixture add a teaspoon of cocoa and beat with a mixer.

Creamy cocoa

A teaspoon of cocoa mixed with a teaspoon of sugar. In the mixture pour 125 ml of warm water. Pour 50 ml of cream with high fat content and beat with a mixer.

Banana cocoa

Beat the banana and 100ml of milk. To the mixture is added 50 ml of ice cream and pour the hot cocoa.

Cocoa adult

In traditionally prepared cocoa with milk to pour any cream liqueur (Baileys or Sheridan’s Coffee Layered Liqueur. Put the mixture on the fire, not bringing a drink to a boil. Before serving, sprinkle cocoa cinnamon.

Energy cacao

Mix two teaspoons of cocoa powder and one teaspoon of instant coffee. Add a teaspoon of sugar, egg and 400 ml of milk and one teaspoon of sprouted wheat seeds. The resulting mixture blend.

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