Useful properties of African red Rooibos tea, Rooibos

Red African Rooibos tea ( Rooibos . rooibos ) is gaining global market and this is due to not only its taste, but also a mass of useful properties.

In 1995 the South African research company Infruitec, and Professor Charlene Maraya Independent from the State University have discovered and confirmed that Rooibos :

it has antibacterial properties ;

slows down the aging process ;

exerts antiviral effect ;

antioxidant ;

does not contain caffeine ;

has a low level of tannin content .

The presence of antioxidants . found in 1980, Japanese and American scientists, Rooibos more than in green tea. especially necessary to note the presence of a powerful and stable antioxidant super oxide dismutase (SOD) . Super-oxide dismutase extremely effectively neutralizes free radicals .

Free radicals are substances that lack one electron, and therefore, they tend to oxidize, that is, to take away, missing them, one electron from molecules to cells of the body. When this happens, disturbed intracellular balance, there is an instant chain reaction, in a weakened cell penetrate billions of new destroyers of health. Countless free radicals and only waiting in the wings to rush to the assault of the human body. Free radicals are the cause of aging and many heart disease.

Thanks to this substance Rooibos useful in the treatment of high blood pressure . diabetes . of atherosclerosis . allergic epidemics . liver diseases and cataracts .

Antispasmodics properties of Rooibos can relieve colic and stomach cramps, and help with skin diseases such as eczema and rashes .

Unlike many other beverages, Rooibos is very low content of oxalic acid, which prevents the occurrence of kidney stones .

Intensive study of the useful qualities of Rooibos tea, held in Japan, has revealed some additional unique properties of tea:

• providing General calming effect on the Central nervous system, reducing excessive excitability and irritability . lowering blood pressure ;

• assist in the violation of sleep and insomnia ;

• reduction of pruritus . help with allergies . hay fever . asthma . eczema ;

• restoration and normalization of gastric dyspepsia, nausea . vomiting and heartburn ;

• beneficial effects on the skin and the bone tissue.

Most likely, these properties caused by the interaction of a large number of compounds found in red tea Rooibos.

The composition of Rooibos . scientists have identified 8 phenolcarboxylic acids . some of which has great antibacterial value . Also Rooibos contains 9 of flavonoids . which in combination with vitamin C . helping to neutralize free radicals . causing age-related changes. And the content of oxalic acid in the drink was very low, which prevents the occurrence of kidney stones .

It was found that three cups of Rooibos cover one-third of the daily needs of a person in the gland . The content in tea With vitamin . copper . and low in tannins allow the body to better absorb iron and to contribute to hematopoiesis . So Rooibos is especially recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as well as athletes.

Three cups of Rooibos cover the daily requirement of the body fluorine . which allows dental hygiene .

Rooibos contains an optimal balance of sodium and potassium . These elements ( pump sodium-potassium ) body needs during exercise and stress .

Two cups implement daily body’s need for vitamin C . which is very important for the immune system .

Morning Rooibos will give confidence and vigor,

the day will lift your spirits and relieve stress

and in the evening will help you relax and sleep.

In addition, sweet taste satisfying Rooibos allows us to limit the consumption of sugar . and the lack of caffeine – avoid insomnia and high blood pressure .

0,07 mg iron

1,67 mg of magnesium

Of 0.22 mGy fluorine

Of 0.04 mg manganese

7,12 mg potassium

6,16 mg sodium

1,09 mg of calcium

0,04 mg zinc

Of 0.07 mg of copper

99 aromatic oils.

In 1997 Annick Theron won two gold medals at the world intellectual property organization for the discovery and investigation of a unique extract of Rooibos, and based on it the means to care for skin and health.

Useful properties of African red Rooibos tea, Rooibos
Red African Rooibos tea ( Rooibos . rooibos ) is gaining global market and this is due to not only its taste, but also a mass of useful properties. In 1995 the South African research…


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