How to make Money potions, drinks, tea, yogurt

Cash elixirs

Cash drinks can be prepared from herbs, based on normal clean water, freeze and thaw it is not necessary. The secret of the drink lies in herbs – they carry the energy of abundance, is a living force of Nature.

Your task – to strengthen its their energy and accept yourself. Keepers of wealth are: marjoram, Basil, bergamot, mint, sweet flag, cinquefoil, Jasmine, Myrtle, verbena, aloe Vera, sage, pine, fir, basswood, cedar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, spiced cloves, sesame seeds, rosemary, oats, rice, wheat, apricot, orange, tangerine, pomegranate, mango, grapes.

These plants as well as honey, has long been associated with abundance and fertility.

At the dawn of civilization they were used in rituals designed to collect a bountiful harvest. Money, as such, was not yet, and that the harvest was considered equivalent to prosperity. And some of these plants even worshipped, arranged in their honor a special celebration.

If your prescription is no special recommendations, drinks are prepared.

1. Pour the ingredients (herbs you can use dried) in a non-metallic container. If your prescription is written for them pre-crushed use a mortar and pestle. Then grass stir 4-5 minutes of his right hand in a clockwise direction. While you chop and stir, imagine yourself under a money rain, stuffed with large bills a purse in your hand or surrounded by things that you could want.

2. Imagine how cash “picture” jumps, swims, flows from the head into the grass, either through hand or through space in the form of a bundle of energy.

3. Boil two glasses of clean (regular, not charged) water.

4. Place a handful of mixed herbs and charged into the teapot, pour boiling water, cover and allow to stand for 10-12 minutes – during this time, herbs will not only give the flavor, but will also share information about your monetary dreams with water. Strain through a strainer, if needed. The best beverages to drink immediately. If cooked too much, you can store them in the refrigerator, but not more than 3-4 days.

Tea with “money” additives

The simplest cash potion – a black tea with bergamot, lime or Jasmine. But you need to brew it in a special way.

1. Boil the water and properte boiling teapot.

2. Put in the brew kettle, but not with a spoon, and hand, and a couple of minutes stir welding fingers, drawing in the imagination under a money rain or holding tight purse full of money. Then mentally move a “picture” out of your head into the tea.

3. Pour into the teapot with some boiling water. When formed dense steam, cover the kettle with the right hand and once again imagine yourself – and best of all my family with money.

4. Barely kettle “misted” and herbs give flavor, fill the teapot with boiling water completely. After 5 minutes the tea is ready.

Infusion of rosemary sun

Crush and mix: 3 pinches of rosemary 2 pinches of mint, 1 pinch allspice 1 pinch of cloves, 2 pinches of calamus. Fill with water to half a glass or crystal container. Add a handful of mixed herbs and charged, close tightly and leave on all day in the sun. Filter.

Drink with Basil, rosemary and sage

Grind into powder and mix: 4 pinches of Basil, 2 pinches of rosemary, 1 pinch of sage. This drink is prepared on the basic recipe. Brew it better in a thermos.

Tea drink with spices

Mix: 1 pinch rosemary 2 pinches of calamus, 2 tsp black tea 1 pinch of ground cinnamon, 3 fresh mint leaf or 1/2 tsp dried, 3 pinches ground nutmeg, 3 slices of orange or tangerine zest. Drink is the most basic recipe, only water will require not two but three glasses.

Herbal tea “Scent of money”

Grind into powder and mix: 4 pinches of verbena leaves, 2 pinches of rosemary, 1 pinch of the leaves of the Myrtle, or sweet flag ,1 pinch of lime flowers or Jasmine .The drink is prepared according to the basic recipe.

Drink a Bunch of spices”

Mix: 3 pinches of sesame seeds, 2 pinches of ground cloves, 2 pinches ground nutmeg 2 pinches of ground cinnamon ,1 pinch of ginger. The drink is prepared according to the basic recipe.

Drink a Bunch of spices”

Pour into a small pan with 4 cups of clean water, add 1 Cup of honey, 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg and cinnamon, bring to a boil over medium heat, constantly stirring to completely dissolve the honey. From time to time, remove from the surface foam with a non-metallic spoon. Stirring the drink, imagine yourself under a money rain or surrounded by things that you could want, and then dump this “picture” in the potion. Remove the pan from the heat, put 2 slices of orange and allow the drink to cool down. If it seems too sweet, add sliced large lemon.

Citrus drink

Put in blender and chop: 3 chopped apricots pitted or sliced mangos, peeled 1/2 orange, 1/4 Cup orange juice, 1 teaspoon sugar 5 crushed ice cubes. While there is a grinding of the ingredients, imagine yourself under a money rain, and when the drink is ready, “throw” him in a mental picture. Pour the drink into the glass.

Yoghurt drink

1/4 Cup mango juice, 1/4 Cup orange juice, 1/4 Cup water, 1 Cup orange, apricot or mango yogurt (provisional freeze to solid state), 1 tablespoon of honey, a pinch of ground nutmeg. Crush frozen yogurt into pieces, put in blender or food processor and process until smooth. Add juice, honey, nutmeg and stir well. While you do that, visualize their dream fulfilled, and in the end throw money “picture” in the drink. Pour the prepared drink into a glass.

Drink cash drinks small SIPS, imagining that the energy of abundance absorbed into you and you become a magnet for money. Herbal infusions can RUB palms – that money sticks to your hands .

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