Black tea features and effects on the body (recipes)

It is habitual to invite friends over for soup, kebabs, fondue. Why not throw a party in the style of masala tea. Favorable on all sides case: it sounds exotic, no special fixtures to make a good masala tea is not necessary, and even the necessary minimum set of products.

This is from bourgeois considerations. But for the soul – a wonderful topic for conversation: Indian tea, the tradition

of Indo-Chinese culture, masala, spices, favorite recipe. And yet – the aromas in the house and the heat from unusual drink. It is so good in our chilly winter.

It is worth to outline the scenario of the evening.

The content of the article

What is needed?

To prepare masala tea, it is better to gather near the fire, open flame, but it is possible to replace all burner, hot plate or even to cook on a regular gas stove. This will depend on the status of guests and their own inventions.

If you are not using a special kettle that will fit the pan, well-transparent and not very old, i.e. not engorged smells of food.

Important detail – strainer.

Ideally, if there is a stupa, a manual mill. No – have to do with blender, but it will be uncomfortable.

Other utensils that you can use when drinking tea.


Getting ready to brew at home masala tea, everyone will buy your collection of products, or about your. Because the recipe is adjusted individually, with its own secrets. But some secrets may be reveal.

To brew under existing rules, masala Chai will also need:

Indian leaf tea;

masala (in a literal translation – the spice rack).

the milk or cream;


sugar or honey (remember that in boiling water he will lose the healing properties). It is believed that to prepare this drink without sweeteners is impossible, because the Indians have a sweet tooth.

In India there are masala for any of the dishes, and they are made arbitrarily and in different settlements, and in every family. Masala tea is no exception. And Hindus, and all those who have borrowed from them the custom of drinking this tea, choose spices to your own taste.

But there is something called basic masala recipe:

ginger (preferably fresh, but you can use dry powder);

cardamom (no need to peel),


ground cinnamon;


Some annoying smell of cloves, cinnamon, then you can replace nutmeg, saffron, fennel seeds, rose petals, licorice, almonds, etc. What condiments do not like the traditional dishes, don’t put it in tea, because the taste will be felt even brighter.

But if there is no ginger and cardamom, tea will work, but not masala.

Can, choosing and experimenting with spices, find your original bouquet masala, and can be in a tea shop to buy ready-made masala Chai.

The secret technology of cooking

The saucepan or teapot it is necessary first to pour cold water – so the milk is not privatise to the walls and the bottom.

Then step by step:

Pour 1 liter of milk (some make this tea with cream, and someone, on the contrary, separates the milk from water 1/2, 1/3).

Add to milk 3 teaspoons of welding. In the morning you can put more. It is believed that it will need a few minutes to soak in cold water that it is swollen.

While boiling the milk, it is necessary to grind spices. If this is done in front of the guests, hand mill or mortar will provide an opportunity to experience the flavors of the masala, add to the exotic and will not be smashed on the walls of the blender. Not necessary to split up the mixture to the consistency of powder: first, tea is whey (liquid) drain, secondly, the milk will have time to soak up the flavors. Spices per liter of liquid should be about half a teaspoon. Then when you have your tea masala recipe, it will become clear how many of them must be accurate.

The grind ginger grater eggs (supposed to be dessert spoon prepared slurry).

Before boiling the liquid to enter masala, sugar (honey) in tea and immediately reduce the heat to low.

Simmer for 5 minutes. Milk should be a cream color.

Remove from heat and let stand 5-7 minutes.

Strain better in the cups, previously showering them with boiling water, so better will be revealed aroma.

Brewing better with the guests, it can turn into an active master class, a competition under the motto “Masala Chai. My signature recipe”, will unite, consolidate and cheer company and friends, and unfamiliar guests.

Those who want to know how to cook masala tea in a different way, you can suggest this recipe:

Put a pan on high heat and pour in the water.

Immediately add sugar, masala.

Boil the mixture for a minute.

Add tea and boil for 1 minute.

Enter the milk, wait until will begin to rise “cap”, and remove from heat for a few seconds.

Again, put the pan on the stove, bring to a boil and turn off the gas.

Cover with a tight-fitting lid, let stand for 3-5 minutes.

Pour tea through a strainer into the hot Cup.

When you start drinking talk, you can discuss and draw up a new recipe, the advantages of the drink.

What you need to know?

He’s incredibly warm, will create a sense of vitality, ease, will nourish and energize.

Unusual experiences and sensations that appear during and after drinking, the Europeans will become clear and understandable, if you look at the Indian body of knowledge about Ayurveda alternative system of medicine.

According to the theory of these ancient knowledge, and by the way, which to a certain extent the basis of Tibetan medicine, tastes, emerging after Vipaka (boiling down), stronger and more effective. For example:

bitter taste (Katu) cleans, removes, reduces weight.

acute (Tikta) carries the heat, stimulates, reduce weight.

sweet (Madhura) cools, nourishes, lubricates, moisturizes, increase body weight.

The results

If brew is sharp and bitter spices, they stimulate digestion, cleanse the body, excrete waste products, it will contribute to weight loss. For the most part of our population – an important role. In addition to the General actions that will help to solve local problems of the body:

ginger – prevention of colds, treatment of angina;

cinnamon will reduce the temperature;

fennel normalizes digestive problems;

cloves will lighten and freshen the breath.

Tea contains caffeine, so invigorating. Its tannins will strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Vitamins PP, P, group b, ascorbic acid will improve the blood and complexion.

Milk is a calcium, healthy fats, minerals, proteins, they will strengthen the GI tract, bone and nervous system.

Needless to say, a rare drink for its benefit and taste, and to vary the recipe to suit your mood, health, weather, the desire to entertain guests or enjoy yourself.

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