Buy black tea Tian-Zhen for gift

Without it it is difficult to imagine a family dinner. And if you visit you will soon come friends, we appreciate the hospitality of the owner they will be able how prepared tea.

Black tea is a classic beverage. And teas today there are a great many. It depends on your tastes and preferences.

However, no matter what tea you are staying, its health benefits are undeniable.

A recent study of a group of American scientists confirmed that the

combination of black tea and citrus is a protective barrier for the development of skin cancer, reducing the risk of the disease by almost 70%!

Therefore, doctors recommend drinking black tea with lemon not only in the evenings but in the mornings. Do not forget to follow very simple rules: tea should be hot, add sliced lemon wedge, and not just squeeze the juice. And the drink is ready.

However, black tea has several other useful properties. Because it contains tannins, which have a healing effect on the cardiovascular system, improves kidney and digestive function.

In addition, black tea perfectly neutralizes pathogenic bacteria and bad breath, which is especially important for smokers.

Black tea has long been considered the drink of longevity, and this is no accident. It enhances cerebral blood flow, therefore, is a reliable prevention of stroke.

And, of course, black tea ensures a positive attitude and a good mood. This is because during the tea party the brain receives more oxygen.

The experts also recommend the use of black tea and for cosmetic purposes. For example, to make compresses of brewed black tea to the eyes.

After long hours at the computer and for insomnia, this treatment will allow in the shortest possible time to remove eye puffiness, and get rid of the anger.

And in the summer, before heading to the beach, don’t forget to wipe the skin of face and body with an infusion of strong black tea. This will prevent burning. However, the duration of this short-term effect.

Therefore, if you decide to spend under the scorching sun all day, and don’t forget about sunscreens.

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