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Green tea benefits and bred

Green tea and its beneficial properties are known to the world since ancient times. While there was no modern medicine, it is widely used to treat many ailments. In principle, today the situation has not changed, many doctors recommend their patients to drink green tea. I think it deserves to tell about it.

The benefits and harms of green tea

The chemical composition of green tea

The composition of green tea and a variety of ingredients depends on the context in which it was grown. So just list what elements, vitamins and so a part of it.

Extractive substances (phenolic compounds, carbohydrates, purine derivatives, hydroabrasive acid, pectin, minerals, amino acids, organic acids) – 41-58%

Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, S. PP, K, U, P), nitrogen and aromatic substances, enzymes Continue reading

A win-win idea for an original gift for the New year

Presenting an original gift, we thus show that a thought about a person, when choosing a gift, wanted to give him something more will not be none. Original Christmas gifts is a manifestation of your personality . You put your feelings and emotions.

Tea as a Christmas gift

What to give for the New year? This question is raised by many, but not many people find him the right answer. If you are tired of to give to friends for New year and other holidays photo frames and plush tigers, and you are looking for an original gift, why not make a gift in the form of tea packaging. Elite quality tea as a gift to friends and family – this is not only good manners, but also care about the health and well-being dear to people.

How to give a tea for the New year?

The best greetings for the New year is, of course, wishes for health and happiness. If you choose as a Christmas Continue reading

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