Cocoa is the drink of the Gods!

This drink will raise the mood in bad weather and make you forget about problems and worries. It is believed that he will grant wisdom and calm and is a source of inner strength. With him your words and ideas are transformed into action, the mind becomes clear, and emotions shape the new shades. And it’s not all that capable cacao is a true drink of the gods.

Learn what is the difference between cocoa and hot chocolate. what cocoa to buy a home and what is so useful cocoa butter.

What is cocoa?

Cocoa is the powder or tiles made from roasted beans extracted from the fruit of the tree Theobroma Cacao. 1 500 years BC, Indians of Central America – the Olmecs – first made thick spicy drink is dark brown. They “domesticated” the cocoa tree and gave the drink its name “kakawa”. In Europe, the cocoa dubbed the “food of the gods”.

Today cacao trees grow in the Equatorial part of the Earth in 12 countries. It is made not only drink cocoa is one of my favorite treats children, and hot chocolate – a gourmet dessert, gourmet, and chocolate bars – the most famous confection in the world.

The history of cocoa

From 5 to 14 century ad cocoa was a ritual drink of the Maya. It was believed that the magic tree cacao gods gave to men, that they gained wisdom, strength and longevity. Especially the Mayans worshiped the God chak Ek cwna – the patron Saint of cocoa and trade. Cocoa beans were extremely expensive and could even perform the role of money. For 100 beans would buy a slave. Directly drink from cocoa chocolatl – drinking only very rich people.

Replaced the Maya the Aztecs came, the militant tribes. High price for a much needed drink did not suit the rulers of the Aztecs. It was decided to expand cocoa plantation. and that was successfully done. Cocoa became more widely available.

The first European to taste cocoa. was Columbus, but the drink seemed too thick and bitter. Those grains that Columbus brought to Europe also remained unaddressed. And only in 1519 by the Conquistador Hernando Cortez brought cocoa to Spain and explained its incredible value. By the way, the price was also incredible. Cocoa drink only at the court of the Spanish king, ordinary people cocoa was not to buy. In other countries cocoa never took another 100 years. And then cocoa began to spread through Europe, instantly gaining popularity and fame of the drink of love and luxury.

Cocoa or hot chocolate?

Those who have ever tried real cocoa. ‘t help but wonder, and how it differs from hot chocolate. We are not talking about cocoa. we used to buy in the store, and about natural – made from cocoa paste or cocoa powder without additives and treatments. Because, as you know, chocolate is made from cocoa. so is there among them any different?

It turns out that the difference between these drinks are really not. If you follow the traditions of the cocoa drink, which originated in the territory of ancient Mexico, “chocolately” and “kakawa” – these are different names for the same drink made of cocoa beans. Want to see this for yourself? Prepare cocoa this cocoa paste!

The beneficial properties of cocoa butter

Some properties of chocolate have been described in the 17th century in the works of Dr. Henry Strubbe (1632-1672). He found that the nutritional value of one ounce (30 grams) of chocolate can substitute one pound of meat (453,6 g). Besides, his attention was attracted by the properties of chocolate as an aphrodisiac.

Many useful properties of cocoa owes a special oil. contained in the beans. Thanks to him:

Cocoa promotes increase in blood levels of antioxidants – substances that regulate the metabolism of glucose in the body and prolong human life;

Antioxidants in cocoa is much more than Chinese green tea and red wine. Cocoa can rightly be called a drink of youth and strength!

Cocoa stabilizes blood pressure and improves the function of blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart disease. Contained in the beverage alkaloid theobromine (similar composition with caffeine) stimulates the heart and dilates blood vessels of the heart and bronchi. Also for theobromine was marked by the ability to suppress chronic painful cough after viral infections and pulmonary diseases

Japanese researchers have dispelled the myth of cocoa. they gave this drink antibacterial substances that prevent the development of caries!

Cocoa helps to produce serotonin in our body – the substance, granting to the person a feeling of happiness. A Cup of spicy hot chocolate or cocoa in the winter night will make you forget about all the problems and cheer up!

How to buy cocoa?

Real cocoa you can cook by yourself at home. The most important thing is to buy natural ingredients, since they depend largely on the taste and usefulness of the finished drink.

If you want to taste the real cocoa. we suggest that you buy cocoa paste. Cocoa paste and appearance, and the smell reminds habitual chocolate. A drink made from cocoa paste most saturated cocoa butter. hence – has the largest number of useful properties and vitamins.

Cocoa powder

For the preparation of cocoa you can also use cocoa powder. However, he, too, is different. Typically, in stores you can buy soluble cocoa powder in packs. He is more popular for the preparation of cocoa at home, because, as the name implies, dissolves easily.

In our Club you can try cocoa natural cocoa powder. It is of high quality, it has more cocoa butter. than regular cocoa powder, which you can buy in the store, and therefore more nutrients. But natural cocoa powder, insoluble – it needs to be boiled, and cocoa paste.

To distinguish high-quality cocoa powder is very simple: when rubbed between the fingers it is not falling off completely as dust, and the remains on the fingers. But the grind should be very fine, without grains, the structure of the cocoa kind of like powder. This cocoa powder you can also buy from us and home to enjoy the great taste of this wonderful drink!

How to drink cocoa

The Indians of Central America brewed cocoa is very dense: the grain was ground, mixed with water and spices: cinnamon, cloves, Cayenne pepper. Even added corn flour for nutritional value and density. Drinking a cold drink and whipped to foam. For the Emperor required component was the juice of the agave – Europeans replaced it with sugar. Brewed cacao exclusively in a copper pot – only in copper cocoa does not stick and acquires refined taste.

The Europeans experimented with the cocoa. adding sugar, milk, eggs, cherries, coffee, etc. It was diluted further with water, then Vice versa – was brewed with a double portion of cocoa powder. Thanks to those search now we have milk chocolate candy with fillings, with different types of hot drinks cocoa and chocolate shakes.

Today cocoa is cooked almost the same way as hundreds of years ago. Cocoa paste is also melted in a copper pot and also slightly whipped. Only, unlike the Indians, we drink and drink hot. This melted cocoa paste is poured warmed to room temperature milk. It is this cocoa this is a real hot chocolate.

You can add sugar to taste, spices or other ingredients (e.g., bananas), because to this day cocoa remains a fertile product for culinary fantasies and unusual recipes.

Cocoa with milk

Tablespoon cocoa is added to a glass of cold milk (2.5% or 3.5% fat). Sugar is added to taste, about 1 teaspoon. From spices, you can choose vanilla or cinnamon. Milk very slowly brought to a boil and immediately removed from the heat. The drink is drunk hot.

Cocoa mocha

Tablespoon of cocoa mix with a teaspoon of coffee, a teaspoon of sugar and nutmeg. Pour a glass of cold water, slowly bring to a boil. Add cream to taste. As an option – can be boiled in milk.

In our club you can try and other drinks based on cocoa. For example, “Banana bliss” – cocoa with bananas or cocoa iced cocoa with Rooibos or cocoa cocktail “Three rivers”, orange hot chocolate cocoa or orange. Special offer – cacao ceremony: the ritual preparation of the drink can be personalized according to the unique recipe, preserved to our days. It is this cocoa brewed the last Emperor of the Aztecs!

Try to imagine all the magical properties of chocolate. You will not notice how to charge the power and energy, feelings break out and the world will sparkle with bright colors. After all, the gods who gave us cocoa. know how to return the joy of life to mere mortals…

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