Conventional cocoa the benefits and harms of hot beverage

What hides cocoa? The study of harmful and beneficial properties

What do You associate with cocoa? Probably with something warm and cozy, fluffy blanket with rustling rain on the Windows, with a good book or conversation in souls. This is the taste of childhood, familiar to each of us. However, few people think about the fact that this product can bring both benefit and harm.

In cocoa the benefits and harms? – this question for many years, scientists around the world. Hard to say with certainty outweighs whether one scales with the arguments “for” and “against”. About the pros and cons of flavored drink can be judged on the basis of active substances in its composition, and the quantity that can be consumed at a time. Simply put, if you abuse

this product, all the nutrient properties would be extremely dangerous to health.


Product properties

Cocoa includes more than three hundred active minerals, which have different influence on the human body. This drink is unique in its ability to improve mood and performance, as well as to serve as a beautician for skin and hair.

The use of cocoa for human

As with most products that people use daily, benefit or harm is manifested not only on composition, but on its dose. Below we discuss the main advantages of this drink that will help you to understand what useful cocoa:

Replenishment of the body. One obvious benefit is in a good mood, which appears after the first Cup of delicious drink. And there’s no magic. All elementary simple. The thing is that the brown powder is a natural anti-depressant, which in science is called phenylethylamine. Despite the fact that in its composition is not so much caffeine, cocoa can charge energy for the whole day. And all because the caloric content of the product is very high. For example, 100 g of powder contains 400 calories. This is a great help for replenishment of vital resources.

Good composition. The drink is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and folic acid, which is very helpful for new moms. Just a couple of SIPS of this magical product contains a cocktail of medicinal substances.

Mood enhancement. For anybody not a secret that the use of cocoa for the most part consists of its ability to produce in the human body endorphins. It’s kind of a pleasure hormone that is so important to each of us to preserve a good frame of mind and develop life energy.

The increase of protective forces. The beneficial properties of cocoa also due to the content of natural substances melanin that gives the skin protection from harmful UV rays.

The preservation of beauty. The drink is rich in this substance, as procyanidin, which is responsible for the elasticity and health of our skin. The secret of youth world-famous beauties simple – a delicious Cup of hot chocolate in the morning.

Beneficial effects on the circulatory system. The useful benefits of cocoa, you know and hypertensive patients who really appreciate this product for its ability to lower the pressure.

A unique ingredient for funds to care for your hair and body. Practicing dermatologists and firms producing cosmetics actively use the product in their practice. For example, products for hair, in which it is included, give them a unique Shine and silkiness. Cream based cocoa oils make the skin soft and velvety. Many spas are actively using flavored grain in its procedures: massages, body wraps, etc. If you take up cocoa and cranberry. the use of masks will be repeatedly reinforced.

Help for recovery. Another big factor is that cocoa, which is not subjected to heat treatment, helps muscles recover faster after strenuous exercise.

Harm to cocoa: a warning for each

Fortunately for lovers of this drink, it has not so many contraindications. Some of them are even more evident due to the human factor. The main arguments against hot cups are discussed below:

First of all, the harm cocoa is indicated by the abundance of purines in its composition. If you look globally, the purines, in principle, are even beneficial for the human body. They are great helpers in the breakdown of proteins and preservation of DNA information. But there is a certain ratio of allowable level of purines, the excess of which leads to the deposition of salts in the joints, there is an accumulation of uric acid. All this leads to various diseases and ailments.

Along with natural cocoa powder to a water soluble product. To use it in any case is not worth it. After all, in the powder includes a plurality of colorants and additives that adversely affect the human body. It is necessary to carefully approach the choice of the brand and the manufacturer.

Cocoa trees are grown on plantations in tropical countries with the use of a certain amount of fertilizing and pesticides. According to the latest data cacao is one of the most intensely farmed chemical plants worldwide. Moreover, the beans, which are grown for industrial purposes, are undergoing radiological treatment for the extermination of numerous pests. Frequent drinking of those grains that have undergone thorough treatment chemicals, seems irrational. It’s still like to concentrate on what is useful kiwi. completely ignoring his negative sides.

The manifestation of allergic reactions. In themselves the seeds are not allergic stimuli. The cause of many allergies from consuming cocoa products is chitin, which can get in the fruit of the carapace of insects. Also allergies can occur from chemicals, which is treated trees when growing.

The main recommendations on the consumption of chocolate drink

Probably will not find such a man who could refuse a Cup of fragrant aromatic drink. But still it should be remembered that there are some caveats on its use, they are certainly worth taking into consideration. It is not recommended to drink cocoa the following groups of people:

Children under 3 years.

People who suffer from diseases diabetes, atherosclerosis, sclerosis and diarrhoea.

Overweight people

Helpful or harmful cocoa?

As already explained above, the damage is associated not so much with the plant itself, but with a different kind of impurities and additives that go into the product during its cultivation. According to statistics, the most poor is a Chinese form of cocoa. The reason is simple: in China does not grow cocoa trees. Just local firms buy worldwide tainted beans, they are subjected to deep processing and produce cocoa powder or oil.

If the trees are grown in the right conditions, without chemicals, the result is excellent, tasty and, most importantly, useful product that fills the life-giving power of our entire organism. Is there any benefit in cocoa? – ask each of us. There is no single answer. There are many “pros” and “cons”. But still should be approached carefully to the choice:

pay attention to the manufacturer;

examine the label with the composition;

to consider the shelf life.

Then the balance will tilt in a positive way. No other drink will not replace the nutritional value and a wide range of the body needs minerals and vitamins.

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