A win-win idea for an original gift for the New year

Presenting an original gift, we thus show that a thought about a person, when choosing a gift, wanted to give him something more will not be none. Original Christmas gifts is a manifestation of your personality . You put your feelings and emotions.

Tea as a Christmas gift

What to give for the New year? This question is raised by many, but not many people find him the right answer. If you are tired of to give to friends for New year and other holidays photo frames and plush tigers, and you are looking for an original gift, why not make a gift in the form of tea packaging. Elite quality tea as a gift to friends and family – this is not only good manners, but also care about the health and well-being dear to people.

How to give a tea for the New year?

The best greetings for the New year is, of course, wishes for health and happiness. If you choose as a Christmas gift luxury tea, wishes of health and longevity will be very helpful in presenting the gift. To give the package a good quality tea is not a shame not only for the New year, but on the day of birth (e.g., a colleague) and even on the anniversary. No need to look for a Christmas gift – you already found it. Elite quality tea – here are the best Christmas gift.

Tea set as a gift

If you are not sure of the tastes of the person you cooked gourmet coffee as a gift . the ideal solution would be to give a set of teas. Bestow will be happy to receive a gift of a portion of health. The selection of teas to suit all tastes as tea connoisseurs and Amateurs.

Where to buy tea for gift, so as not to disappoint yourself and your family poor-quality knockoff?

Tea – this is a wonderful Christmas gift. Real quality tea, not a poor excuse at him with a bunch of obscure impurities – a rarity in Kaliningrad, especially as it pertains to elite tea.

Do not suffer with the choice! To buy tea without chemical additives and only the best and elite quality, consult a real expert in the field of tea, and a complimentary tasting of this wonderful drink you can in a specialty store “Turk and Tea”. In just a year and a half of work, the store, “the Turk and the Kettle” forever won the hearts of the majority of the connoisseurs of tea. Tea drinkers had time not only to evaluate the quality of elite tea shop and compare it with existing alternatives sold in the Kaliningrad market, but also pleasantly surprised by the prices.

NOTE: For Your convenience, in addition to the already well-known store on the street Kurgan, 3, “the Turk and the Kettle” opened another shop luxury tea with even more extended range in a convenient location in the city centre: St. hospital 30/1 (for SC “Plaza”, at the intersection with ul. Wagner).

In stores “the Turk and the Kettle” you will always find for yourself and loved ones:

– Tea gift sets for your loved ones, family and friends!

– Stylish coffee and tea accessories (tea pots, tea-cups, Turks: porcelain, clay, glass, etc.) from trusted manufacturers, glass breaks, as many fakes on the market!

– a Wide assortment of elite tea (new: taiga tea on the basis of Puer with juniper! China: PU-erh, Oolong, associated teas, etc.; aromatic teas from Germany: fruit, berry, floral and other traditional plantation teas from India and Sri Lanka);

– Always only the best quality tea with no chemical additives, only natural ingredients!);

– There is a possibility of the importation of tea by custom order!

– free tea tasting at purchase;

” Action “Tea of the week”. Every week discounts of 10-20% on elite varieties of tea.

it ’ s Coffee Italian roast premium, hot chocolate, espresso, Americano.

Elite tea, which offers “the Turk and Tea” is the tea that will satisfy any connoisseur of tea. It has a unique taste and wonderful lingering scent of fresh teas!

Elite tea as a gift – a great alternative to the useless trinkets!

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