Ginger tea for weight loss and not only

Ginger root is widely used in cooking: its spicy aroma and specific, slightly burning taste which give the dish an incomparable charm. And ginger tea is generally considered a miraculous remedy that will help against hypothermia and colds, get rid of excess weight and depression Depression . will give energy and improve blood circulation.

Healing the root

Ginger is used since ancient times for the treatment of many diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger root, this plant has long been used in the treatment of inflammations of the mouth and throat. Poultice of ginger to this day treat headaches and back pain.

In India, ginger is called generic medicine. Ginger root has a sedative, diaphoretic, carminative, antiemetic effect. It is recommended to take suffering from motion sickness, diarrhea, when hypothermia for the prevention of colds and infectious diseases. Ginger improves the digestibility of the food, gives it a pleasant taste and aroma. Unique spice improves blood circulation, including the brain, aging and allergic diseases.

Ginger awakens the appetite, improves metabolism, reduces cholesterol in the blood. Women ginger relieves painful cramps during menstruation. Pregnant ginger helps to cope with the unpleasant symptoms of morning sickness. In addition, this root is an aphrodisiac, that is, increases libido in women, and men.

Has ginger and contraindications. It is undesirable to drink at high temperature or high pressure, contraindicated ginger and ulcers. Pregnant women should use ginger with caution.

Ginger tea has a tonic effect, he successfully fights apathy, lethargy, bad mood.

Have an antimicrobial effect drink effective for digestive problems. Useful ginger and beauty: the regular consumption of tea helps to improve the skin condition and lose weight.

Tea is best to use fresh ginger root. Dried ginger is also good, but the tea it produces muddy and not as tasty and useful as a tea from the fresh plant. Palatability depends on the country of origin of the plant. The delicate flavor of ginger grown in Japan. Jamaican ginger is very fragrant and the ginger from Africa a little bitter. As for medicinal properties, they do not depend on which region increased the plant.

Features maker

Basic ginger tea recipe is very simple. On average a standard Cup of boiling water should take one cubic inch of ginger root. Depending on personal preference you can increase the amount of spices. The root should be peeled and RUB on a small grater. Sometimes you need to cut the ginger thin slices or chop it with a knife, but this cooking method does not allow to obtain a beverage with a rich flavor.

Grated ginger insist in a sealed container in boiling water for five to seven minutes – and tea is ready. If you want you can boil the tea for a few minutes on the stove, but it is not required.

In ginger tea along with ginger root often added, and other components that increase the effect of this spice. The result is a tea is in some cases even more effective than ginger root fresh.

Very interesting taste has ginger tea with spices. Ginger goes perfectly with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom Cardamom rye grain and the king of spices . pepper and other spices. This spicy drink is very useful for digestion, and, in addition, it warms and improves mood.

In Polynesia, on the basis of ginger tea prepared so-called “Drink of love”, which has a stimulating effect. Grated piece of ginger root with boiling water and cook for two minutes, and then insist for a quarter of an hour. When ginger tea has cooled slightly, add to it the juice of a lemon and a small amount of honey (drink should not be too sweet). The strained beverage is recommended to drink cooled down to room temperature. He stirs up a passion in men and women.

Ginger for weight loss

How useful ginger for weight loss, is legendary. Indeed, this spice improves digestion and blood circulation and accelerates the metabolism, which ultimately leads to weight reduction. In addition, ginger has a slight diuretic effect, meaning it helps the body rid itself of excess fluid, reduce the volume of the body.

Of course, if you drink ginger tea sandwiches with bacon and cakes, it is unlikely that this miracle drink will help you lose weight. But if you stick to a balanced diet, ginger tea will make it more effective. Typically, the drink is recommended to drink half an hour before meals.

The most famous recipe of ginger tea for weight loss Ginger slimming tea: hot tea includes components such as lemon juice and honey. Usually losing weight avoid honey and other sweet products. But unlike sugar and confectionery products honey will bring wish to lose weight only benefits. Rich in minerals honey helps cleanse the body and slightly lessens the appetite and this only helps to lose extra pounds.

Method of preparation girlsgogames tea is simple. First, you need to brew grated ginger root, then add the tea, lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Drinking tea should warm half an hour before meals three times a day. To enhance the effect, you can add in tea of cinnamon, spicy pepper and even garlic.

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