Green tea. Use and bred

Green tea. The benefits and harms. A lot of articles on this topic. Someone thinks green tea is the panacea for all ills, someone ascribes its popularity paid advertising.

About the benefits of tea tells his story, which two thousand years later. In those ancient times, tea was considered a medicinal remedy.

The list of useful properties of green tea is great. Depending on the grade and quality to a greater or lesser degree possess any green, and tea.

Useful properties of green tea

Contains a unique set of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.

Normalizes metabolic processes in the body

Restores shattered nervous system

Boosts immunity

Has a slight analgesic effect

Is an antidepressant

Strengthens blood vessels and improves their elasticity

Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood

Has an antimicrobial effect

Improves gastro-intestinal tract

Displays the body of heavy metals

Has anti-inflammatory action. Many know how much help soaked in tea cotton swabs, if you hold them on your eyes for about 15 minutes.

A diuretic

Improves the blood

Reduces alcohol cravings

Reduces appetite, which is very pleasant who want to lose weight

Has anti-cancer effects

This list if desired, and could extend.

One thing is certain: green tea really helpful.

But, you probably should not expect any immediate results. We are talking about regular consumption of green tea. Although some effects in some people appear fast enough.

A lot of different writing about how green tea to increase the pressure, or Vice versa, lowering.

But green tea stabilizes blood vessels, then, in any case, normalizes the cardiovascular system. And, of course, need to know when to stop drinking it.

Will treat your tea wisely

The effect of any tea, including green, multi-faceted. And in some acute conditions that could be more useful, may cause harm.

Honestly, I don’t really believe in categorical statements about the dangers of tea for certain categories of people in certain States.

I am for the reasonableness of the use. And closer to ourselves to listen. Why is it suddenly a pregnant woman absolutely can not green tea? I think a Cup anyway possible. But the bucket of tea – not exactly.

It is sometimes argued that in green tea more caffeine than coffee, and no-no, in any case, high blood pressure. Sometimes that is a completely different caffeine, with other action. And reduces pressure. Well, where’s the truth?

Something tells me that the truth is in the middle.

Often write about the Chinese and the Japanese, who healthy because you drink ten cups of tea a day. But you know what size they have these cups. And if we’d get the same effect by drinking ten cups of green tea. but the Cup is ours, the Russians, the size of almost half a liter?

Not going to extremes. A few small cups of green tea a day is unlikely to do us a week as we wanted to be. But will gradually change for the better.

And the taste of your favorite green tea will lift your spirits, give cheerfulness, will overshadow the small troubles. And this is precisely the benefit of tea, and instant.

What explains the benefits and harms of green tea

Of course, its rich unique composition. The tea leaf contains almost all the vitamins, a list of the various organic compounds in the hundreds.

Tea contains caffeine, which gives us courage. The action is a little tea caffeine different from the action of caffeine in coffee beans, it is much softer.

But in large quantities, caffeine can bring us harm.

Sometimes I think that in the green tea a little caffeine. Probably due to the fact that caffeine is often associated with black coffee. But in fact, the less fermented the tea leaves, the more caffeine they contain. So in green tea more caffeine than black.

If you have a reduced immune system, broken nails, hair becomes less and grow worse, with high probability we can assume that your body lacks of zinc. A great way to make up for the shortage of drinking green tea.

Vitamins b, C, K, contained in tea, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Tea has a large amount of polyphenols, which medicine uses in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

The fresher the leaves, the healthier they. This is because when storing complex substances are decomposed into simple, do not have such values. Therefore, the value of fresh tea not only because it tastes better.

At high temperature green tea is not only not helpful but can be harmful. Theophylline tea increases the temperature and has a slight diuretic effect.

The benefits of green tea with regular use

Will increase metabolism, and, therefore, will gradually move away diseases associated with this problem.

Green tea is a strong antioxidant, and its use will reduce the risk of many diseases.

With a lack of vitamins drink green tea with the addition of rose hips. Better in the form of heat three times a day a Cup.

Green tea rids the body of carcinogens, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.

The purifying properties of green tea enhance health and prolong life.

Green tea prevents the formation of fat. But it’s not for rapid weight loss, the effect is a slow but steady long-term use.

Regular consumption of green tea lowers cholesterol.

Green tea may slightly decrease the appetite.

Harm green tea, if it is misused

Green tea long-term use lowers blood pressure, but caffeine is present in quite large numbers, and for a while the pressure after a Cup of strong green tea increases. This must be remembered hypertensive patients, especially in acute diseases.

During exacerbation of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcers should avoid strong tea.

For insomnia best green tea to drink in the morning.

If you have tachycardia, do not forget about the presence in green tea caffeine.

If you brewed green tea and left him to drink later, which is actually undesirable, at least pour it into a Cup, separating from the welding. During prolonged infusion in the infusion is highlighted substances, absolutely we don’t need.

For patients with gout do not use too much green tea, as it contains a lot of purines. Suffering from this disease do not need to explain what it is.

Excessive consumption of green tea can lead to trouble with the kidneys and liver.

Ambulance with green tea

The taste of your favorite green tea will lift your spirits, give cheerfulness, will overshadow the small troubles. And this is precisely the benefit of tea, and instant.

If you get motion sickness in the car, on the plane or on the water, chew some dry tea leaves of green tea.

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