Iced coffee recipe with ice cream and cinnamon

First you need to choose a good variety of coffee types of coffee. the grind coffee )

quality creamy ice cream

dark chocolate

cinnamon, optional

Before preparing iced coffee you need to know what it is. Iced coffee comes from the French word glac. that is frozen. This divine drink should be served cold. The Foundation, which is the coffee. This type of coffee is often served in a beautiful glass or tall glass.

Who was first prepared this drink is unknown, but the first time it began to prepare in Austria.

How to make real iced coffee.

The process of cooking.

The first is to cook the coffee in the usual way in Turka, ie since you cook it in the morning. Further, this beverage should be chilled to about 10 degrees. If very quickly I’d like to try this coffee then let it stand on the table, as it cools down, refrigerate. There he quickly cooled.

Then pour cooled and settled with a drink in a tall glass, the volume of which will be anywhere 300 ml. In a glass of coffee need to put the ice cream, it is important to observe the proportions, if coffee 300 ml, ice cream should be 25 %, which becomes approximately 2 tablespoons.

If you like cinnamon, then top with cinnamon, but more in keeping the drink with grated bitter chocolate. If you like you can sprinkle cocoa powder or ground nuts would be delicious with candy crumbs, for variety, sprinkle with coconut flakes.

So, I told how to make coffee – iced coffee. And now, as you can cook if you don’t like brewed coffee, then take a normal soluble variety, the one that you usually use at home. Instead of ice cream suit and vanilla varieties. But if you like to experiment then as a decoration of this delicious, cooling, and invigorating drink mix grated chocolate and crushed candy canes. But most importantly do not mix cocoa with cinnamon, as it is completely different to the taste of the ingredients. Together they fit.

And lastly, even the iced coffee recipe. You will like it.

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