Liqueur Sheridan how to drink cocktails

Irish coffee-chocolate liqueur Sheridan is perhaps the most creative invention among all the producers of alcohol. It is impossible to confuse with any other drink! Original black-and-white bottle conceals no less original double drink: vanilla in one partition and the chocolate and coffee in the other.

The most famous feature of the drink bottle, consisting of

two non-communicating vessels, when pouring from which liquors don’t mix.

Skilled bartender will perform a miracle – light vanilla liqueur gently cover the chocolate layer. It’s amazing! The bartender will also teach how to drink liqueur Sheridan. The resulting “layered” drink allows you to experience and fully enjoy so many different facets.

The delightful flavor of the drink, and the taste is very sweet, soft and simply delicious. The alcohol is hardly noticeable, so the drink is drunk quickly and easily. The price of liquor Sheridan high enough, but it is worth all of money spent on it. Buy Sheridan’s Coffee Layered Liqueur in almost all supermarkets or online stores, but you can just go to any restaurant and have it there.

Having carefully reviewed the liqueur Sheridan, you can understand what are the ingredients in its composition:

Left section – vanilla and white chocolate;

Right section – coffee and Irish whiskey.

Liquor SHERIDAN’S delightful both in pure form and in various desserts and cocktails. However, due to dvukhsloinoi, Sheridan and he looks like a cocktail, you just need to add a few pieces of ice. And can — Irish whiskey or coffee. This will give the drink a rich taste. Very popular cocktails with liqueur Sheridan, they have noble bitterness.

This: “Coffee bandit”, “Black White”, “the Heart of count Dracula” and others. Serve them made ice-cream with fruit, lemons, oranges, apples and grapes. Liquor goes well with a light champagne, brandy, cognac, gin, whiskey and vodka. So if you have the desire to cook Sheridan at home, you need to consider these features.

Cocktail recipe with Sheridan, which is easy to prepare at home:

Liqueur Sheridan – 1 bottle;

Vodka – 2 cups;

Sweetened condensed milk – 1 Bank;

Vanilla – 1 package;

Sugar – 1 glass;

Instant coffee – 1 teaspoon;

The yolk of egg – 4 pieces.

All the ingredients (except instant coffee), you need to knock in a blender until smooth. The resulting mixture pour into glasses, then top with petrusite coffee (cocoa), then up to the top to pour the liquor. Ready to drink.

The aroma and taste of the cocktail is truly unmatched. Sheridan’s — this is a dedication to all fans of sweet alcohol!

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