The benefits of green tea. How to drink green tea

Green tea – home physician

Green tea is an amazing drink, it’s power for health, beauty and youth is invaluable. The difference between green tea black that in its manufacture do not allow fermentation of released juice and so all the natural properties are preserved in it.

Drinking every day this healing drink, you supply your body a large number of the most beneficial nutrients.

Useful properties of green tea are due to the presence in it of almost all known vitamins, important trace elements such as carotene, calcium, magnesium, iron and even protein, amino acids, and sugar. Your I sumink

will tell more about the beneficial properties of green tea.

Green tea — home pharmacy

Caffeine and calcium, found in green tea, helps the heart. in addition, it prevents lipid deposition of fats on the walls of blood vessels, and even disrupts existing plaques, thus prevents the formation of blood clots . Green tea improves health, oxygen and water — salt metabolism, strengthens capillaries, as well as it has anti-inflammatory action.

Regular drinking of green tea strengthens tooth enamel and prevents caries, because it contained trace elements such as calcium, fluorine and phosphorus. But provided that you drink tea without sugar, sweets and better in him, add a little milk.

Green tea has beneficial effects on the skin. Welding can be rinsed with fresh bruises and wounds because it contained tannins have about the same effect as hydrogen peroxide. If you burned your hand, when cooking, you can cool strong brew of green tea to moisten the cotton wool and make a compress to the burned area. But more serious burns are treated with a powder made from green tea leaves, sprinkle the affected area and apply a bandage.

Useful properties of green tea allow it to be used for people who have Polyany blood pressure. Hypertension is particularly useful green tea with lemon, because this drink lowers blood pressure . Drink this tea half an hour after meals, preferably 3 times a day. Lukewarm green tea will help you relieve a toothache . if they rinse out mouth and then held it some time in the mouth.

In the same way it can help to eliminate bad breath – you need to chew 3-4 minutes dry welding, and can even kill the smell of garlic!

For colds it helps to remove the heat . increases pulmonary ventilation and disinfects the nasopharynx. However, it has to be drunk in large quantities, if you have a high temperature, to prevent unnecessary strain on the kidneys. Can you feel a sore throat strong brew of green tea.

One Cup of green tea a day reduces the risk of stone formation in the kidneys by 10%, and 5 of coffee cups per day – 60% . The combination of curative effect with a diuretic provides a means of cleaning the body of toxins . it also removes radioactive substances from the body, so drink it more often if you spend much time watching TV or computer.

Green tea is good n profilakticheskim a cure for cancer.

If you drink green tea (of course without sweets) at least 5-6 cups daily, for a month you can throw in weight from 3 kg to 5 kg.

Brewed green tea all the rules

And finally, I will tell you how to properly brew green tea. To from green tea was the therapeutic effect it is necessary to brew svezhevspahannoy water, but in any case not boiling water. When the water starts to boil, it will be a white key, but without a strong rolling boil, pour over the green tea leaves. To tea gave all the useful properties sufficient for 5-7 minutes. Long maceration reduces its value, it destroys the vitamins. You should not drink too hot green tea – it irritates the walls of the esophagus, iced tea too – loses its useful properties, and too strong tea contains a lot of caffeine and leads to overstimulation of the nervous system. To make green tea 2-3 times, but no more, otherwise the tea will release harmful elements. In no case should not drink yesterday’s weak tea, it can be used for external use: rinse your mouth for inflammation, rinse the eyes with their fatigue. itching and burning from a long work behind the monitor.

There are contraindications

A few words about the contraindications of green tea . Despite the obvious benefits, should not be abused green tea — drink gallons of, since it carries a big load on the liver and kidneys and can badly affect the work of these bodies. It is best to drink it in the morning and afternoon hours, because the green tea is drunk at night may cause sleep disorder. To avoid decompression with care you need to drink those with hypotension that does not cause further lowering of blood pressure. People with stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, you need to drink it a bit weak and avoid colic and heartburn. It is important to remember time of brewing green tea to get from this fragrant medicinal drink only benefits. If you start to drink after 2 minutes, after brewing, it will get an invigorating effect, and stand for 5-7 minutes — tea for you has a soothing effect. Although there are exceptions, should always be compared with their own feelings, to listen to your body. And as mentioned above — to only drink freshly brewed tea.

Useful properties of green tea are well studied, this familiar to all of us drink has a powerful healing effect on the entire body. Drink green tea, it will help to strengthen the immune system. health, prolong youth.

Your I sumink offers a look on the beneficial properties of green tea. Enjoy your view.

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