White tea’s Tea

Chinese emperors drink “metal”

White tea is very capricious in their storage conditions. Even a small increase or decrease in temperature can cause the leaves do not unfold in the right measure, and hence the taste will be lost. In traditional Chinese medicine it corresponds to the fifth element-the element — “metal” which is associated with white color. In Russia it is an infrequent visitor, find luxury real white tea varieties in the free market is very difficult, because it is quite picky for transportation. Some collectors noble drinks appreciate his “weight in gold”, and in ancient times, white tea was served only to the Emperor as a medicine, and was called the

“elixir of immortality.” What is the explanation — his special secret…

The mystery of universal love

The reason for the success of this white tea is minimally processed. Straight from the Bush tender leaves carefully pour weak steam for minutes, then dried them under the sun. All this, of course, happens at the gathering place, an extra carriage is invalid. As a result, friends, we get to the table tender a kidney-shaped leaves with fibers — the Chinese kindly called cilia. To collect 1 kg requires about 100,000 of these leaflets.

White tea will keep healthy color of tooth enamel, normalizes blood pressure and helps to reduce the overweight. In addition, it is an active fighter with stress and colds. He gives a very pleasant and mild condition and is the only tea that has been allowed to drink for pregnant and lactating women (in accordance with the views of Chinese medicine), also helps in the fight against Smoking — at a chemical level, reduces the cravings for nicotine. Anyone who firmly decided to get rid of this harmful addiction, you may try drinking white tea, the effect will not take long. But the crown of the virtues of this drink — its spicy, slightly sweet scent of melon.

Tea ceremony

A distinctive feature of white tea — in its preparation. In contrast to the whimsical nature of the storage, the procedure of making much more friendly to the skills of the Amateur. To spoil the taste of almost impossible even with not knowing all the intricacies. The nuance is that at different exposure times in hot water to get a bit different, but quite independent of drinks. For example, if you overdo it, the flavor is more tart and bitter. However, to enjoy the distinctive taste, suggest 2 teaspoons per 1 Cup and pour water temperature of 70C. While tea is brewing (2-3 minutes, not more), you can inhale its sweet steam that will help you to relax. Should drink slowly, preferably under quiet background music or conversations about mental high with close friends.

Why aren’t we afraid of competition?

To lead in our region this elite tea road is quite difficult. You must consider many factors, chief of which is a competent transportation of tea, particularly its collection of varieties. For this event requires not only a lot of patience, but rather deep knowledge. Our Master literally on a grain collected secrets of tea ceremonies in different Chinese provinces, studied the old recipe and tried to recreate them myself. Specialists club “Tea – leaf” conducted a full study of their products and services before offering their guests and partners.

Through the merits of our Master tea card has no analogues in the capital: its diversity surprised, even skeptical, tired of the diversity of abundance of Muscovites.

But we do want to share the perfect possession art of the tea ceremony, so we have a trained staff of more than 30 restaurants and cafes. For your guests we host a free tasting at our club in Sokolniki Park. Among the permanent partners — the network of restaurants “Chaikhona №1”, “Dacha in Zhukovka”, “Chibiko” and many others. We can buy wholesale the best collection of noble varieties of vegetable drinks.

Enjoy the splendor of tea culture

Proposed to charge a special mood of this enchanting magic of the white elite tea. Author’s dishes, a variety of teapots and cups handmade, will help to maintain a peaceful good-natured atmosphere.

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